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YallaParking - SMat Parking Conference - Dubai

Parking in Dubai is, quite simply, problematic. The UAE represents almost a quarter of the GCC car sales market, with an estimated 1.4 million cars having been sold in the country in 2016. This annual figure is expected to rise to 2 million sales by 2021. The sheer volume of cars is expanding exponentially, but the ability to park said cars is diminishing. Vast sandlots, which were once the primary go-to for car parkers, are disappearing, many being cordoned off for new developments or newly established parking regulations. The lack of parking in areas across Dubai is leaving many disgruntled, and so the need to find solutions for such is imperative. 


The 3rd Annual Smart Parking Conference wasthereforea vital industry discussion about how best we can serve to enable car owners to park in a stressless, ‘smart’ manner. The issues were tackled in a variety of different ways by the companies present. Park Assist, one of the principal partners of the event, saw to alleviate the problem through infrastructure, installing advanced technological systems into underground parking to relieve its stress-inducing and time-consuming nature. 


YallaParking was fortunate enough to not only attend, but be showcased as a viable solution for people around Dubai. As the only customer-facing solution, we presented a different angle to the discussion; by digitally enabling people to seek parking in real time, we offer a product that is compatible with the sharing economy. Our appearance in one of the keynote speeches should raise awareness of YallaParking, and showcase our ability to be at the forefront of smart parking solutions.Smart Parking Conference - Dubai


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