The Details 

YallaParking provides a 48 hour window for renters to “suss” out the space booked. If it is not right for you, then please inform us within 48 hours of your booking starting & we will fully refund the booking along with your deposit (as long as the access card is returned). It is important to note that you will need to inform us within 48 of your booking starting (not from when you used it) & we must collect the access card no more than 48 hours after being informed.

The YallaParking 48 hour guarantee means you can confidently book parking & if, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with the space, please let us know within 48 hours by emailing & we will fully refund your booking, no questions asked. 

When arriving at the parking space for the commencement of the subscription, you should inspect the parking space and ensure that it is suitable for your requirements. 

The small print; 

  • The 48 hour YallaParking guarantee will begin on the day you receive the access card from our delivery team. 
  • If your space does not require an access card then your 48 hour YallaParking guarantee will begin from the start date of your booking. 
  • The 48 hour YallaParking guarantee is only applicable for monthly or annual subscriptions. 
  • The 48 hour YallaParking guarantee is applicable for new bookings only (not renewals). 
  • If you have an access card we will schedule a courier to collect your the access card within 24 hours of us being informed. 
  • If you have received an access card, your booking will not be refunded until the access card has been returned. 
  • If you have an access card & it is not returned within 48 hours of us being informed of your cancellation due to reasons outside of our control. Your cancellation will be voided. (such reasons may be, refusal to hand over the access card, loss of access card, missed courier appointments)


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